History of Tedeschi Surname

Tedeschi coat of arms

There are two possible explanations for the origin of the Italian surname Tedeschi and its variations such as Tedeschini, Tedesco, Tedisco, Todeschi, and Todesco. Firstly, the name may be of nickname origin, descriptive of some personal or physical characteristic of the initial bearer. In this case, the name may be derived from the Old Germanic word “theudisk or theodisk”, which comes from “Theuda”, meaning “German people”. Thus this name came to indicate “one who came from Germany, a German”. In some instances, it is also possible that the name is of occupational origin, belonging to the category of surnames descriptive of the trade or profession pursued by the original bearer. In medieval Italy, most fifers were of German extraction and therefore, the name Tedeschi in time came to denote a fifer as well as a German. This surname can be found throughout Italy and is recorded as early as the 12th century in the Latin forms Teudiskus, Todescus, Todischus, and Tediscus. Early records show that between the 13th and 16th century a family of the name Tedeschi originally from Catania was counted among the nobility in Messina, Sicily. In 1573, one Giovani-Giacome Tedeschi was a member of the counsel of noblemen of Verona. One Giovan-Giacome Tedeschi was recorded in 1651, and Leonardo Tedeschi was residing in Verona in 1666. Other references in Italy include the recorded birth of Giovanni Michele Tedeschi, which took place on the 17th of September 1808, in Castelnuovo Della Daunia, Foggia. His parents were Carmine Tedeschi and Domenica Lembo. It is also known of one Maria Giovanna Tedeschi who married Antonio Migliozzi in Carinola, Caserba on the 22nd of November 1840.

Coat of Arms & Family Crests indicates the surname of TEDESCHI is an Italian and Jewish name for someone of German origin who spoke German. The name was derived from the Italian word TEDESCO. As a Jewish name it was given or taken by Ashkenazic Jews in Italy, or is based on a nickname given to a Jew who had been to Italy. In Lucca, the variants TODESCO and TODESCHI were nicknames for a stammerer; in Naples the variant TODISCO was a nickname for a tippler. The name is also spelt TEDESCHI, TUDISCO, TODESCHINI and TEDESCHINI. The Austrian Jewish industrialist and philanthropist Hermann TODESCO (1792-1844) took this surname after he had acquired the nickname TODESCO as a result of numerous trips to Italy. Despite evidence that hereditary surnames were in use in the Venetian Republic as early as the 10th Century, the origin of many Italian surnames is unclear. There is still a great potential for research into medieval Italian records while documented evidence indicates the adoption of the father's name as a surname is the most common form. The familiar endings of "i" and "o", meaning to be a member of a certain family, bears this out. The Church played a very important role in Central Italian heraldry and many Italian families who derived their titles from popes incorporated elements of the papal insignia, notably the papal tiara and the crossed keys, on their Coats of Arms. As in the rest of Europe, the turbulent history of Italy in the Middle Ages is reflected in its heraldry. Traces remain from the successive invasions of the Germans, French, Spanish and Austrians. Certain characteristics, such as the use of horse-shaped shields which were put on the foreheads of horses during tournaments, remain uniquely Italian. Social conditions in Southern Italy during the agricultural depression of the late 19th Century spurred the first wave of emigration as thousands of people escaped to the New World. Latin America was the original destination for these early settlers but as the economy strengthened in the United States, North America became more popular.

History of Caruso Surname

Caruso coat of arms

Coat of Arms & Family Crests cites the Italian surname of CARUSO was a nickname derived from the Italian word CARUSO meaning 'close cropped'. This word was also used in the more general sense 'boy'. 'lad', since in the Middle Ages young men of fashion sometimes wore their hair much shorter than was the prevailing style. In the Girgenti area of Sicily the term was an occupational one for a worker in the sulphur pits, since such workers, apparently were required to wear their hair short. As the agricultural depression of southern Italy worsened towards the end of the 19th century, people began to escape to the New World. The exodus started in earnest in 1887 with Brazil and other parts of Latin America being the original destinations. By 1893, the economy had improved in the United States and people headed there from Italy in greater and greater numbers. In 1898 there were more Italian immigrants to the USA than from any other country. In the post war era, more than a quarter of Italians left the country for a new life. They joined a flood of immigrants to America which was averaging a million a year in the pre war years. The origins of Italian surnames are not clear, and much work remains to be done on medieval Italian records. It seems that fixed bynames, in some cases hereditary, were in use in the Venetian Republic by the end of the 10th century. The typical Italian surname endings are 'i' and 'o', the former being characteristic of northern Italy. The singular form 'o' is more typical of southern Italy. The name is also spelt CARUSIO, CARUSELLI, CAROSIELLO, CAROSELLI, CARUSONE and CAROSONI. A notable member of the name was Enrico CARUSO (1873-1921) the Italian operatic tenor, born in Naples. He made his first appearance in FAUST (1895), first appeared in London in 1902 and in New York the following year. The extraordinary power and musical purity of his voice, combined with his acting ability, won him recognition as one of the greatest tenors of all time.

The website gens.labo.net was used to obtain the distribution information for the Tedeschi, Caruso, and Castellucci surnames. That website started as an initiative and the experiences of a group of graduates in the humanities at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Genoa, with a major in history, demography and statistics, archival and library science. In 2000, the Tedeschi, Caruso, and Castellucci surnames were found in 930, 1776, and 336 municipalities, respectively. (click on the image below to enlarge it)

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Family Photo Collection

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2008 Oct Halloween Celebration of ghost day
Oct - Dec Holiday season Photos of Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2008
Dec SeaWorld Trip to SeaWorld during Christmas time of 2008
2009 Apr Circus show Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus in the Reed Arena at Texas A&M University
Oct Botanic garden Visit to the Botanic Garden Rancho Santa Ana in California
Oct Halloween Celebration of ghost day
Oct - Dec Holiday season Photos of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's eve
2010 Feb Foxlair Pictures from Dan and Karen's lair in the south
Apr Vietnam Luis Orlindo's trip to Hue, Vietnam
Apr Japan Luis Orlindo's trip to Narita, Japan
Oct Halloween The scariest day of the year...
Nov - Dec Holiday season Photos of Thanksgiving and Christmas
2011 Feb Snow in C/S Snow in College Station again! Wonderful...
Feb Corpus Christi Visit to the Aquareum and U.S.S. Lexington
Feb Nicole's Birthday Nicole's double birthday party
Mar Baseball Aggies versus Kansas. More here
May Fisrt Communion Nicole's first communion at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish
Jul Belém Annual meeting of the Brazilian Society of Animal Science in Belém, PA -- Brazil
Oct Halloween The ghost day...
Nov - Dec Holiday season Photos of Thanksgiving and Christmas
Feb Foxlair Pictures from Dan and Karen's lair in Florida
Feb Nicole's Birthday Nicole's 10th birthday
Apr Bonito, MS Workshop and tour in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil
May Austin, TX Visit to the computer museum and capitol
Jun Vila Gale and Salvador Vacations at Vila Gale and visit to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Sep Sadinia, Italy Workshop and tour in Italy
Nov - Dec Holiday season Photos of Christmas
2013 Jan 5 - Apr 5 Townsville Tour to Townsville, Queensland
Feb 4-5 Armidale Visit to Department of Primary Industry (DPI) in Armidale, New South Wales
Feb 6-7 Warragul Visit to Department of Primary Industry (DPI) in Warragul, Victoria
Feb 8 Melbourne Tour to Melbourne, Victoria
Feb 9-12 Hobart Visit to the University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania
Feb 10 Hobart's Botanical garden Tour to the botanical garden in Hobart, Tasmania
Feb 11 Burnie Visit to the Dairy Research Center of the University of Tasmania in Burnie, Tasmania
Mar 18 Perth Visit to the Center for Environnental and Life Sciences in Perth, Western Australia
Mar 19 Perth's Botanical garden Tour to the botanical garden and rose nursery in Perth, Western Australia
Mar 23 Brisbane Tour to Brisbane's river, Queensland
2014 Feb 16 Nicole's Birthday Nicole's 12-year-old birthday party
Mar 9 Selena Gomez Houston Livestock Show and Selena Gomez' show
Apr 12 SeaWorld Splash at Sea World in San Antonio, TX
Jun 6-11 South Padre Island Vacation at Isla Grand Resort, South Padre Island, TX
Jul 24-31 Ithaca & NYC Vacation in Ithaca and New York city, NY  
Sep 5-20 Canberra City tour of Canberra (Capital of Australia)  
Cairns Coral reef tour and botanical garden  
Townsville The beauty of Townsville  
Sydney The fantastic Sydney's harbour, a sighseeing adventure  
2016 Feb 11-12 Merida Trip to Merida, Yucatán, Mexico with Texas A&M AgriLife project (NEW)  
Feb 21-25 Vietnam Reciprocal visit to Vietnam through the Borlaug Institute (Newsletter and PDF) (NEW)  

A collection of photos as a tribute to the flora and fauna in the tropics.




Family Video Collection

The videos below are compilations of travels, parties, and holidays listed in chronological order of the events.

2006 May 27 A tribute to mother's day 2002 to 2006 This is a collection of photos of Eloisa and Nicole from 2002 to 2006 [2:09]
2009 Nov 14 Capoeira A friend of ours made a presentation with the Capoeira group in College Station at the Worldfest in College Station, TX [10:15]
Dec 25 Christmas' presents This video features Nicole opening her Christmas presents and building her Barbie house with daddy in our living room in College Station, TX [10:39]
2010 Fev 12 Nicole's birthday This video has the 8th birthday of Nicole [1:19]
Mar 26 Rosa Parks presentation This video has the presentation performed by Nicole Tedeschi about Rosa Parks at Rock Praire Elementary School (2nd grade) [2:04]
Apr 8 Tour in Vietnam This video shows the traffic in Ho Chi Minh city and Hue, Vietnam [3:39]
Apr 10 Drums of hope The "drums of hope" is a party hold in Narita, Japan at the beginning of the spring for people safety and health, and good agriculture production [3:34]
Apr 10 Japanese eel BBQ Learn how to prepare eel for BBQ; video recorded on Sunday fair in Narita, Japan [2:16]
Apr 27 Fireworks in Pira city The celebration of São João fest at the Clube de Campo de Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil with special introduction by Nicole [9:53]
Apr 27 Paella a la Dona Inês A quick video of the Paella a la Dona Inês [2:05]
Jul 9-12 Thermas dos Laranjais Time off at Thermas dos Laranjais Resort [4:19]
Nov 6 Texas A&M x Oklahoma Football game between TAMU Aggies and Oklahoma Sooners (Nov 6, 2010) [10:10]
Nov 6 Texas A&M Aggieband The band at Texas A&M University (aggieband.org, tamubands.tamu.edu) [7:12]
Dec 11 Christmas in the Park Christmas in the Central Park of College Station, TX [1:38]
Dec 15 The night before Christmas The night brfore Christmas at Rock Prairie Elementary School [15:13]
Dec 25 Christmas night Openning the Christmas presents and thank you! [15:57]
Dec 29 Japonese Tea Garden We visited the Japonese Tea Garden in San Antonio, TX. Tranquility... [3.28]
Dec 29 Azul and Miracle Two incredible shows in SeaWorld San Antonio you cannot miss during the end of the year holidays [23:26 and 26:09]
Dec 30 RiverWalk A boat tour of the famous RiverWalk in San Antonio, TX. Great food! [11.13]
Dec 30 Sightseeing & Alamo A quick sightseeing of San Antonio, TX and the Alamo [3:17]
2011 Apr 9 Piano recital Little Indian Brave by Nicole Tedeschi [2:00]
May 7 Circus show Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus in the Reed Arena at Texas A&M University. Great show!
(The contents might be copyrighted; therefore, it is not publicly available) [19:52]
May 14 Dance recital Expressions Dance Academy Spring Recital - Dance in the Streets [19.32]
Nov 12 Science fair Scientific experiment at Rock Prairie Elementary School [3:45]
Nov 22 Dancing @ home Preview of Christmas dance [1:01]
Dec 2 Dancing at the Park Merry Christmas dance at the Wolfcreek park [6:28]
Dec 25 Christmas day A lot of presents and thank you...[20:01]
2012 Sep 29 Swimming Day Aerofit swimming day for competition practice [2:17]
Dec 1 Christimas at Creek Chistmas party at the Wolf Creek party [1:39]
2013 May 11 Dance recital Expressions Dance Academy Spring Recital - Dancing with the Legends [6:24]
2014 May 10 Dance recital Expressions Dance Academy Spring Recital - Bright Lights in the Big City [4:11]
Dec 14 Piano recital Reflections on the Thames by Nicole Tedeschi at the Bryan Public Library [1:44]
2015 Apr 14

How can I keep from singing and Sail away, Ladies

Sweepstakes for College Station Middle School Honors Choir, UIL contest [3:20 and 2:23]
2016 Feb 11-12 Juan's Merida Juan Ku-Vera singing Brazilian bossa nova [2:11] (NEW)
Feb 27 Vietnamese song A love story traditional song from Mekong Delta, Vietnam [1:39] (NEW)




Family Genealogy of Tedeschi Surname

I started building an hourglass chart of Commendator Orlindo Tedeschi genealogy because he was the oldest antecedent of the Tedeschi's family that I met (click on the image below to enlarge it).

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Page 3
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ot_chart1 ot_chart2 ot_chart3 ot_chart4 ot_chart5

A note about the commendator title that Mr. Orlindo Tedeschi received. As per the State Council of Honor and Merit of São Paulo (CEHM), commendation is an award given to individuals who excel in their fields, from artists, politicians, businessmen, and athlets. In the Middle Ages, this award had a completely different meaning as described by "in commendam".  At that time, the award was a benefit given to members of the clergy or the military who showed bravery in battle.  "Generally, the commendation was worth something, as the title to the land. Over the centuries, its value has become symbolic, represented by diplomas or medals," as told by Mr. Waldemar Baroni, Herald (specialist titles and badges nobility) to the magazine Superinteressante. If before the commandator had a duty to defend the land against incoming enemies, he now has no defined function.  The commendator distinction confers prestige in certain social circles.  Still, the title survives in the ceremonial government and private institutions, which follow a hierarchy according to the importance of the honored.


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