How to Register

After you have purchased your software, you will need to activate it by sending the user name, company name, and the license number. Depending on the software you are registering, you will have to enter the user name, company name, and registration code or access code by clicking on the Help menu, About button, or Register. The picture below shows specific places to register your software.

How to find the license number...

Once the user name, company name, and license number have been received and verified, you will receive the registration code or the access code. Follow the steps above to enter the complete information. The picture below shows the two types of registration screens depending on the software you are using.

How to enter the registration code or access code...

Inquiry about Registration

Please fill in the form below and we will gladly reply to you as soon as possible. Student's registration requests may be ignored if proof of academic relationship is not submitted.

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