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A core concept in the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) (Fox et al., 2004) is the competition between rates of digestion and passage to determine rumen balance. The current status of both CNCPS 4.0 and CPM Dairy feed libraries only provide book values for rates of digestion that are treated as constants. Many of the book values of digestion rates are likely too low for high quality forages. The consequence of underestimating the rate of fiber digestion in the model is the incorporation of more concentrate into the ration leading to potential rumen imbalances. Fiber and lignin increase while digestion rates decline with forage maturity. Data presented in the current CNCPS do not reflect these differences.

Any attempt to account for nonlinearity will result in declining kd values with time, and will result in a major adjustment in the CNCPS. Undervaluing the rate constant in high quality forages leads to increased feeding of concentrate. The nonlinearity could be resolved by curve-peeling to discern faster and slower pools or by applying higher order kinetics. The difficulty with curve-peeling to discern two or more first-order pools is that the choice of time for inflection points seems purely arbitrary, and the observed fermentation curves of digestion seem continuous. Higher order kinetic
systems would avoid this problem.

The NDF Fractional Rate Calculator is based on the work published by Van Soest et al. (2000) by providing a mechanistic approach to the problem of rate estimation of NDF digestion when the true unavailable fiber is not available.

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The NDFkd Calculator is programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and it works with most IBM-PC compatible computers that have Microsoft Windows XP or later.

The current version of the Neutral Detergent Fiber kd Calculator is 1.1.0.


Previous versions can be downloaded from here.

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No registration is needed. Nonetheless, you are welcome to submit your comments to improve the NDFkd Calculator by going to the CONTACT US web page.

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Dr. Luis O. Tedeschi

Dr. Luis O. Tedeschi
Texas A&M University
Department of Animal Science
230 Kleberg Center
2471 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2471

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Dr. Peter J. Van Soest
Emeritus Professor
Cornell University

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Van Soest, P. J., M. E. Van Amburgh, and L. O. Tedeschi. 2000. Rumen balance and rates of fiber digestion. Pages 150-166 in Proceedings of Cornell Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers, Rochester, NY. New York State College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Cornell University.

Van Soest, P. J., M. E. Van Amburgh, J. B. Robertson, and W. F. Knaus. 2005. Validation of the 2.4 times lignin factor for ultimate extent of NDF digestion, and curve peeling rate of fermentation curves into pools. Pages 139-150 in Proceedings of Cornell Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers, Syracuse, NY. New York State College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Cornell University.

Additional references are listed in the Publications web page.

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